friend? defriend? unfriend?

Invention of social media, such as Facebook, twitter, WordPress etc. changed people especially young people’s writing culture. For example, “friend” has been used in different  way after the invention of Facebook. Originally, as everyone know, friend is used as a noun. However, after social media has gotten into people’s daily life, “friend” has been started to work as a verb. This is from especially Facebook. Also, Facebook has created new words, defriend and unfriend. As we can guess from their prefix, those meanings are to remove somebody who are in your friend list of social networking survive from the list. Those new definition of friend and new words, defriend and unfriend are added to dictionaries. For example, we can use those words like this:

  • She is friended by 30 people who she did not friended back.
  • He broke up with his girlfriend and he unfriended/defriended her.

I think after few years later, there are more and more new words would be created by social media. 





































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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